Monday, January 24, 2011

DIY laser spirograph (part 8)

DIY home laser show. PIC based spirograph. Now - version 2.

Finally, new version of PIC based laser spirograph is fully completed . Modified spirograph's acquired new design, learned new cool tricks, and got new box too.
Introduction of new programmable features resulted in addition of extra control elements to the device and new spirograph looks like quite sophisticated  apparatus.

PIC based laser spirograph V2.
PIC based laser spirograph V2.

In order to make small and compact device I've added one fixed mirror to conventional square setup.
Additional mirror turns laser beam 90 degrees and now it's possible to fit three 40 mm fans and low power laser module inside standard 4 x 4 x 2.5 enclosure. All parts are installed on a base panel using simple and cheap technique. Mirrors are attached to the base with 1/2" double-sided adhesive tape. Laser module is mounted on a wooden spacer. After manual alignment mirrors and laser are secured with hot glue.

Modified optical setup of new laser spirograph.
Since every component being installed on a control panel requires at least two electrical connections, it's quite easy to end up with messy wiring. To keep wires in order I've used improvised wire holders made from PVC tubing.

Spirograph controller wired with new control panel. Note home-made wire holders.

Laser spirograph V2. Ready for powering up.
Also I've installed optional memory access LED indicator and useless but very dramatic looking blue LEDs background light.
Laser spirograph V2. Personal home laser show.

Face panel is made from brushed aluminum. Labels are printed using heat toner transfer technology.
For extra protection face panel is coated with transparent acrylic lacquer.  

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