Friday, February 5, 2010

DIY backlight for analog meter.

Another example of successful implementation of a method of making custom backlight that was described in details in previous post.

In this project I added two color backlight with separated control to vintage analog meter.
Blue light serves for improving visibility of dial in the dark and for aesthetic purpose. 
Red light can be used as a warning signal, to indicate that measured value has reached predefined limit.  
Blue and red  LED circuits are powered by two separated 5V sources.  
DIY multicolor backlight for analog meter.

This project is very simple, cheap and novice friendly but may result in quite impressive mod of some piece of obsolete hardware.

Parts and materials used in project:
 - ancient analog voltmeter;
 - 3 mm red and 10 mm blue LEDs;
 - resistors;
 - wires;
 - breadboard;
 - piece of acrylic.

Monday, February 1, 2010

DIY LCD backlight

Simple tutorial how to retrofit old type LCD by adding custom backlight of any color.

The same technique can also be used to repair or modify LCD of any size.
Main idea of this method is to place custom built light emitting panel behind modified LCD glass assembly. 

Source of light are bright 3mm LEDs embedded into edges of panel. It's a simple and very reliable approach. 
LED backlight requires only one low voltage power supply, it doesn't flicker or make noise and brightness can be controlled with PWM.

DIY LCD backlight.

This method doesn't involve use of complicated equipment, just regular set of hand tools, small file, sanding paper of fine grit, soldering iron.