Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DIY Front Surface Mirror

Front surface mirror is essential part of any laser spirograph and scanner but such kind of stuff is not available at hardware store.
After internet search and few trials I've developed method of making FS mirror from acrylic mirror by removing protective layer from back side of mirror. I use combination of paint remover and acetone but those chemicals dissolve acrylic base of mirror so it requires some practice before acceptable result could be achieved.


Since I've discovered Winner Colors Stain Remover I stopped using any other solvents and chemicals.
I highly recommend this product. It's non toxic, environment friendly, water based liquid which will not harm acrylic and your skin. 

Now it's possible to make mirror with perfect surface by following next steps:
1. Pour Winner Colors Stain  Remover into proper container.
2. Drop mirror into container. Painted side up.
3. Let it soak for 10 min or more (time may depend on back paint and size of mirror).
4. If paint got loose and started peeling off, remove mirror and put into container filled with tap water or rinse it under water stream. You may use cotton balls and gently swab mirror while it immersed. Optional step is to rinse mirror with steam distilled water in order to remove any particle left from tap water.
That's it. Let mirror dry and don't touch it with bare fingers.
Yes, one more step. 
5. Pour remaining liquid back into bottle for future use.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mirror balancing for laser spirograph

Design of my spirograph is based on a regular cooling fans.
Fan is widely available part and it's easy to mount mirror on its flat back side.  After some experiments, I've developed simple and reliable method to mount, adjust and balance acrylic mirror in order to achieve smooth and quiet performance.

All described below is applicable only to plastic/acrylic  mirrors !!!

DIY  spinning mirror for laser spirograph.