Monday, May 2, 2011

DIY low budget front panel labels

Simple way to make fast and cheap front panel labels for DIY electronics.

All stuff is available from Staples or other office supplier.
Method requires PC, laser or jet printer and use of image editing software.

DIY front panel label. Fast and easy.

During my recent trip to local "Staples" I spotted couple interesting examples from Avery business product line:

 - self adhesive laminating sheets (product number 73603)
 - full size self adhesive white mailing label (product number 05265)

I realized that it's a perfect material for making instant front panels labels for home-made electronic.
Yes, idea is pretty old but, at least for me, proper material is no longer a problem;-)  

Self adhesive mailing labels and laminating sheets from "Staples".

I've gave it a try and I'm very happy with results.
Procedure is simple and easy to follow:
- design and print image onto self adhesive mailing label;
- cut label to the right size;
- cut proper piece of self adhesive laminating sheet;
- remove backing tape from laminating sheet and stick it onto printed label;
- remove backing tape from label and stick laminated label onto case;
- cut (carefully) holes and openings for pots, LEDs and displays;  

Another similar approach is to use laser or ink jet transparency film and spray adhesive.
I've never tried it myself but some other people have got good results with it.

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