Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY laser spirograph (part 7)

PIC18F1320 based controller for laser spirograph. Final release. Ready for order.

Well, I think, prototyping stage for laser spirograph project is over and it's time to release final design for DIY community.
For final controller I've ordered factory-made double sided PCB with lovely green solder mask (people always wonder why my home-made PCBs are not green ;-))

PCB fabricated by Futurlec

PCBs are made by Futurlec. It's my first order from this Thailand based company and I'm quite happy with quality of work and service. Lead time is about one week. There's no minimum order but price is really good if to order in quantity.

Along with Gerber file format they accept files from most PCB CAD software like Altium, Eagle, Orcad, Protel. Within days they send back images of processed PCB layers for confirmation and correction (if needed) and within week manufacture PCBs.
And yes, they sell parts too ;-)

Easy setup. Just plug and play.

Controller is provided assembled and requires minimal set up.
Voltage for laser module is adjustable (POT R14) within 2 - 4V and should be set before connecting laser.
Controller supports 5V and 12V fans with maximum current 300 mA. Voltage is selected by jumpers (W1 and W2) on board.

For 5V     W1 - open, W2 - close.
For 12V   W1 - close, W2 - open.

Spirograph  requires 12V 1A DC power supply to operate but if it's intended to work only with 5V fans then it can be powered with 7 - 9V 1A DC power supply.
Any other optional stuff like ON-OFF power switch and fancy LED indicators can be easily added to enhance overall appearance.

New generation of portable laser show.

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  1. I love DIY, and often do laser pen for myself.

  2. It is perfect to DIY various cool gadgets. I love do various kinds of small lasers by myself in spare time. It is funny and interesting.