Monday, February 21, 2011

DIY loft bed

Dream home workshop. DIY geek's bed and desk.
I think, it's a common public opinion, that most geeks, instead of going to bar to get some beer and pick up hot chicks, are spending spare time at home watching p working in their own home mechanical workshop, electronic lab, musical studio, you name it.
And this is absolutely correct. Home workshop is a only place where dreams and desires of creative person come true. That's why one could stay there 24/7 tinkering with stuff, enjoying freedom in creativity and power of imagination or ... just playing computer games;-)

Mad scientist's lab in olden days.

Designing and building perfect workshop may take long time and significant efforts but learning from other people's experience usually sparks your imagination and finally saves you time and money.
In this and in following posts I'm going to share some tips and ideas that I've implemented while I was building my home workshop.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

DRL light problem

How to fix DRL light problem in a Honda Civic.

Recently my 2003 Honda Civic has developed minor electrical issue.
Occasionally, upon starting engine, DRL (Daytime Running Lights) warning light may come ON with annoying buzzing sound. It may stay ON for few minutes and then goes OFF itself.
When it's happened first time, I checked front lamps and DRL lights were flickering.

To prevent things from getting worse and, maybe, save a couple bucks, I've started looking for solutions among technical web community. Internet search has revealed that this is a quite common failure and it's caused by DRL module itself. In most cases described problem has arisen because of degraded soldering joints on a module PCB.

Well, we've got tip so let's check it out...