Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Door organizer

Home work shop. DIY door organizer.

Just my few tips how to keep stuff organized;-)

Since I've started making DIY projects for fun, I've learned few funny rules.
 - If you don't see thing, you don't use it.
 - If you don't use thing, you forget that you have it.
 - If you think that you don't have it you buy it, just in case.
 - One day you find old thing;-(
With some variation cycle may repeat...

In my opinion, good solution to avoid this problem is to keep track of tools and parts and have all stuff easy accessible.
That means simple and effective storage system should be developed.
As a part of this system and in attempt of reusing vertical empty areas in my room I've built improvised door organizer using casual things:

- 2' x 4' standard perfboard;
- couple 1" L-brackets;
- 1" wooden screws;
- box of paper clips;
- carton and plastic food packaging.   

DIY door organizer. Easy to find stuff when you need it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

DIY bookshelf

Home workshop. DIY bookshelf.

Another DIY project inspired by great post from Instructables: home-made, cheap and beautiful bookshelf.
It's a very simple and portable bookshelf that can be completed in a half an hour only with cordless drill, hand saw and wrench.

Design can be easily adapted to fit any room or even closet.
You can get high grade boards and make decent bookshelf for living room or use some scrap lumber and build storage shelf for your garage.

My version of bookshelf is 1' wide and 6' tall.

Bookshelf is fully populated. I think I'll build another one;-)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PVC shelf

Home workshop. DIY PVC shelf.

Inexpensive and very easy to make storage solution for busy home workshop.
This kind of expandable shelf can be easily modified and scaled to fit any work area.
All materials like PVC pipes, fittings and PVC cement should be widely available at hardware stores or plumbing supplier.
PVC pipe doesn't require any finishing but it can be stained to match rest of furniture in your house.

PVC shelf. Aesthetic and affordable storage for your home.

Geometrical configuration of shelf seems to be not the optimal but at that moment I couldn't find T-fitting so I used what was available. Anyway, it was only prototype to test concept.