Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wood block LED clock (intro)

Wood block clock. I've seen it. I liked it. I've made my own. 

Yes, I like to work with wood and I like to experiment with microcontrollers and other electronic stuff so I've combined few popular ideas and recreated this exotic LED clock encapsulated in chunk of wood.
Wooden block clock showing time 18:36.
Yes, there are no digits displayed. Instead lights of different color represent ones and tens of minutes and hours.

Actually project is very simple and requires some common materials and only few electronic chips and components that always can be found in junk box of any electronic DIY-maker:
- microcontroller;
- real time integrated clock;
- low power MOSFET transistors;
- bunch of super bright LEDs;
- pieces of plywood or MDF;
- few sheets of veneer;
- and of course your imagination and desire to create, build, invent, or just have good time;-)

Obviously clock case is not solid wood but laminated veneer MDF frame.
Some sorts of thin veneer are transparent enough and bright LED will shine through wooden surface.
Nicely finished wooden block is beautiful decoration itself but multicolored lights, glowing deep inside wood and constantly forming different "alien" symbols, make device more unusual and attractive.

Wood block LED clock ---> (part 1)

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