Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PVC shelf

Home workshop. DIY PVC shelf.

Inexpensive and very easy to make storage solution for busy home workshop.
This kind of expandable shelf can be easily modified and scaled to fit any work area.
All materials like PVC pipes, fittings and PVC cement should be widely available at hardware stores or plumbing supplier.
PVC pipe doesn't require any finishing but it can be stained to match rest of furniture in your house.

PVC shelf. Aesthetic and affordable storage for your home.

Geometrical configuration of shelf seems to be not the optimal but at that moment I couldn't find T-fitting so I used what was available. Anyway, it was only prototype to test concept.

Expandable shelf is made from 2" PVC pipe and 1/2" particle boards and requires only cordless drill, measuring tape, and hand saw to build.

Shelf parts are ready for assembling.

Most of the building time I've spent on measuring and cutting pieces of pipe but further assembling was a breeze.

PVC shelf. First section.

As all of my furniture, shelf is designed to be portable and modifiable.
Vertical sections are permanently glued with PVC cement and cannot be disassembled but horizontal pipes are fastened only with machine screws so whole shelf can be taken apart just in few minutes.

PVC shelf. Close view of corner post details.
PVC shelf. Close view of middle post details.
Shelf assembling. Tool for holes alignment.

Distance between vertical sections is 3". For greater span corner braces should be incorporated into design to avoid pipe sagging under load.
Shelf can be expanded in length by adding more vertical sections.

PVC shelf. Frame is completed.
Shelf frame is 2" wide. Home depot usually carries huge variety of  precut 2" sheets like particle board, perforated boards or MDF that can be used as shelf boards.
Shelf board are attached to frame with cable ties.

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  1. Excellent shelves--and they have a rather tree-branching dynamic about them. Good idea about the perforated boards, too!