Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DIY hard drive clock (part 1)

Hard drive dissected.

Now it's time to take hard drive apart and see what we can reuse.
My victim is SCSI Fujitsu brand with spindle speed 4400 RPM. Full disk revolution takes 13.64 mSec.

Hard drive. Open and eager to get new guts. 

Some parts definitely can be reclaimed for other projects.
Voice coil actuator; can be used as laser beam shutter or as simple galvo. 
Couple very strong neodymium magnets; those may be used in solar pendulum  toy.
Hard drive platter itself is highly reflective and can be used as front surface mirrors for laser spirograph project.

Data storage bank consists of five platters but I'm going to use only two of them: upper platter with cut slot for image producing and lover platter with attached magnet for index mark generation.
After removal of middle platters I installed proper spacer to maintain gap between top and bottom platters about 0.5''and that is enough to accommodate flexible RGB LED strip.

Slot in top platter is cut with almighty Dremel universal tool.
Wideness of slot defines minimal wideness of clock hand  that can be displayed.

Platters. Cut, sanded and ready for painting.
Platters should be sanded and cleaned before painting. 
To achieve best contrast of image top platter is painted flat black.
Inner surfaces of platters are painted mate white for better light reflection and color diffusion. 

Painted platters.

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